Learn all about the stars and the tarot

Do you want to deepen your knowledge about Astrology and Tarot?

Both tools are a wonderful resource for self-knowledge and to help others better understand their lives and times. Here you will find the workshop that best suits on your needs.

Learn to read your natal chart

 In this workshop I teach you to read the main astrological symbols to understand what is shown in the drawing of the Natal Chart, so that it becomes easier to see and read about Astrology.

Learn Astrology Step by Step

Series of workshops designed to learn how to interpret the Natal Chart from scratch and go deeper into astrological analysis. Ideal for those who want to study Astrology in order to start interpreting natal charts to other people.

Learn the Meaning of the Tarot Cards

Workshop designed to introduce the person to the symbolic world of the Tarot, learn about the Major and Minor Arcans and learn the meaning of each card through exercises will facilitate your learning.

Learn how to read the tarot to yourself

Workshop designed to provide the person with techniques for interpreting and reading Tarot cards so that they can get answers to their own questions through the message of the cards.