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Welcome to my page! My name is Arlen Xilonem. I work with Astrology, Tarot and Family Constellations. My purpose is to help people like you to find that Divine Spark that lies deep within your Soul and guide you through the change and transformational process in your life.

I work from a co-creative perspective and from one of the most important Principles of the Universe, The Free Will. I strongly believe that beyond everything that we live or experience, what really matters is How we decide to live it. External events might affect or impact our lives in a direct way, but utterly we are the ones who decide how to live it.


Arlen Xilonem Espinoza 

The Tarot is made up of 78 cards that contain all the esoteric and magical knowledge of the ancient Egypt’s priest and priestesses. It is a powerful tool for self-discovery to get to know our limits and potential. It serves many purposes, but they all converge into one: Evolve.


The purpose of Astrology is to connect the Human Being with their spiritual DNA. It studies the energetic influence of the Cosmos in the life of those who inhabit this Planet. Through Astrology we can understand how the planetary energies are intrinsically related to all the events that happen in our lives.



“When an unjust act has occurred in a family, the system demands reparation or compensation. If this does not occur, there remains a kind of active pending account that affects the system as a whole, so that if in the present generation it cannot be settled, someone in future generations will have to take care of doing it.” F.S.G.

The objective of this therapy is to bring to light the structure of the family system to which a person belongs, and if necessary, to reconstruct the image of the said system, solving the systemic knots that are preventing that person from fully living the present moment and build a future more aligned to its own designs.


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