Astrology, Tarot and Family Constellations


Welcome to my page! My name is Arlen Xilonem. I work with Astrology, Tarot and Family Constellations. My purpose is to help people like you to find that Divine Spark that lies deep within your soul and guide you through the change and transformational process in your life.

I work from a co-creative perspective and from one of the most important Principles of the Universe, The Free Will. I strongly believe that beyond everything that we live or experience, what really matters is How we decide to live it. External events might affect or impact our lives in a direct way, but utterly we are the ones who decide how to live it.

Here you will find information about Astrology, Tarot and Family Constellations, with the intention to help you take advantage of the daily energies. Also, you will have the possibility to schedule personal sessions to work on yourself, if you wish, from a healing and self-discovery perspective that these techniques propose.  

My approach its not about predict or find the absolute answer or truth, but to build our present moment in the “Here and Now” so we can guarantee that we shape our future up in agreement with what we desire.




My purpose is to help all individuals that reach out to me by synchronicity, to help them in their own healing and self-discovery process from the knowledge and wide experience I have in Astrology, Tarot and Family Constellations. I began this journey almost 10 years ago, when I got in touch with these tools for the first time and I began my own healing process.

It is well said that the Shamanic path is not initiated by the one who is fulfilled, but by the one who, from his open wounds, gives himself permission to help others to find their true essence while continuing in his own healing process. That was how, from the darkest moment of my Soul, a ray of light was born, and little by little has enlightened everything ever since.

Astrology, Tarot, and Family Constellations came into my life at a time of great uncertainty and helped me connect with that kind of healing that goes beyond our physical body. To this day they continue helping me to connect with that voice that is born in the deepest part of my Soul … my Inner Wisdom.

I apply and offer these tools to you because I truly believe in them. So, with great commitment, love and dedication I make them available to you, through all the information that I share on a daily basis as well as the astrological, tarot, and Family Constellations sessions that I carry out every day.


What is the difference between Astrological Coaching and the Natal Chart Reading?

In the astrological coaching all these tools (Natal Chart, Transits, Solar Return, etc.) are used to help the client to take better decisions. On the other hand, the Natal Chart Reading is the description of the planetary configuration that the person was born with.

What is the difference between reading the Natal Chart and reading the Tarot Cards?

The Natal Chart reading is related to the planetary energies at the time of our birth, while the reading of the Tarot Cards is the interpretation of the message given to us by the decks of 78 cards that compose it.

How can I benefit from my Natal Chart reading?

The Natal Chart is our Spiritual DNA. Studying it allows us to know our purpose in this incarnation, the strengths we have and the energies we need to work with. A reading of the Natal Chart helps us to re-align ourselves with the purpose of our Soul.

How can I benefit from a Tarot Card reading?

The Tarot Card Reading session serves as a guide when we have concerns about our present and future as well as to resolve specific issues from our day to day environment. It is an excellent tool to clarify us (our thoughts) in moments of important and practical decision-making.

Can I know everything about my Natal Chart in a single astrological session?

The first astrological appointment is intended to help you find the main energies that govern your life, those that serve you as a strength and those that you need to work on. If the client needs to get a deeper understanding of his Natal Chart, additional sessions will be needed.

Can I know everything about my future from a single Tarot Cards Reading session?

In the Tarot Reading session, we can see the different possibilities and futures, according to our energies and today’s decisions, considering that the future is being built upon them and what the Tarot shows us can change according to the decisions that we make.

How can I benefit from a Family Constellations session?

A Family Constellation session can help us heal our family ties and restore the order within the family system. It helps us to symbolically return to each member of our family (death or alive) what does not belong to us, so we can live our lives in a lighter and more authentically way.

How can I make an appointment?

Appointments are arranged once the payment for the session has been received and is scheduled according to space within a time frame of 15 days after the payment. You just need to click the following link to set an appointment.

How long does a session last?

Regardless of the tool that is being used (Tarot, Astrology or Family Constellations), each session is carried out in one hour.

How can I pay for a session?

Payment is received through PayPal, so regardless of where you are in the world and the currency of your country, you can make your payment easily and quickly.