Family Constellations

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Family Constellations is a therapy aimed to solve difficulties or blockages that hinder the harmonious development of the human being, especially indicated for the resolution of family conflicts.

It is based on the Psychodrama techniques developed by Jacob Moreno, Family Reconstruction of Virginia Satir, and the Orders of Love from Bert Hellinger, among others.

Here we start from the point of view that family ties transcend generations, and there are relationship patterns that can be identified over a wide number of generations, directly influencing on the different members of the family system, regardless if they are conscious or not of its effects.

It is a brief systemic therapy, oriented to solve a situation in a short period of time, in which an image is created to replace the original picture of the problem, so that the clients find a healing resolution that helps them live their lives in a healthier way.


Therapeutic Perspective

This is a therapy that considers the client responsible and capable of shaping his environment as a Being that generates opportunities. When an element of the system changes it provokes a change in the whole of its system. The resolution of a conflict can occur in the current family of the client or in his extended family of origin, one, two or several past generations.

Here we work on those family dysfunctional repetitions from the place where they originated, with the purpose of discovering the initial conflict that has generated an impact on subsequent generations. This makes it easier for the client to reconcile with his ancestral past as well as reconcile with all the members of his family system and grant each one of them their rightful place.

Healing Ties

This therapy helps the clients to understand the type of bonding under which their system operates, showing them how they have integrated into their group of origin, and if this has helped them to develop favorably or not. In a family constellation session, we can resolve any unhealthy bond that generates in the person the desire to sacrifice his life and happiness for the sake of his family bond.

Regain Balance

One of the purposes of “constellation” is to reestablish the balance between giving and taking, which is different from giving and receiving. A person can receive something that is given as a gift and decide not to use it. Our parent’s main gift is Life. To Constellate allows us to take the life that comes from our parents and reestablish the balance between giving and taking, extending it to the rest of our relationships.

Restore Order

Each family has its own rules, rites, convictions and taboos that tie all of its members, for better or for worse. These rules give order and structure to the family. Often this order is lost and weakens, leading to a chaotic system. Family Constellation therapy allows us to put everyone and everything in their rightful place.

The Family Constellation was conceived as a group and/or individual therapy procedure in which the facilitator holds a preliminary interview with the client to determine the significant people and facts about their history that help to identify the issue to work on. It is important to emphasize on knowing about those who have been excluded from the system, family secrets, serious illnesses and any critical event that has deeply affected one or several generations.

It is assumed that the difficulties of the client’s current system come from the basic structures of their family of origin. The final objective is to determine a symptom in the family context and reveal the latent conflicts so that the client, by identifying them, puts everything in its place, and from that moment, the client can start taking healthy decisions based on a more positive image of their system.

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