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Venus in Piscis (Feb25th-Mar21th).

Feb 25, 2021 | Monthly Astrological Forecast

In Piscis Venus feels like home. We can say that this is one of the most benevolent transits in this Sign.

The Sun it’s been in Piscis since the 18th of February. Now it’s the turn of Venus to join it.

Here, Venus indicates a strong connection with  everything that is, God/Goddess/Universe, and also with our Soul and Spirit.

It compelled us to serve, help and support others beyond any selfish desire. Our sense of individuality is at the service of a greater good.

This transit invite us to surrender to Unconditional Love. If we are in a couple this energy gives us a beautiful time to enjoy together.

If we are single it might support us in finding satisfaction in our spiritual connection with the Divine and to connect with the people we love and care about.

But, Venus in Piscis can also make us vibe from the lower energy of the Sign… rambling, escapism, victimization, and martyrdom.

In general, it might have the tendency to put us in the “poor me” attitude to get what we want, blame others for our “misfortunes”, and get us into a “what a cruel world we live in” mentality.

At a creative level this is one of the best times of the year, specially now, if we take into consideration all the amount of aquarian energy that it’s already leading us to change and innovation.

So dear … don’t discount any idea! Of course, you will have to put them on paper and then work in a serious and concentrated way to check their viability.

I’m never tire of saying this…one of the things that slow us down the most, especially to those of us who work in the spiritual / creative / therapeutic world,  it’s the failure to ground our plans, and/or use our sense of spirituality to evade reality and procrastinate ourselves.

It is up to us to vibrate Venus in a creative/ spiritual, productive and grounded way, or to vibrate it from it’s laziness, wandering, and victimization.

We must remember that Venus rules money and abundance from it’s rulership of Taurus, so please keep this in mind during this period. What we need is to co-create our reality, ground our dreams, and turn them into something productive.

A good hint it’s to look at the way we’ve been vibrating the Sun’s energy since it entered in Piscis, because we already have a week of reference to see how we are managing these Piscean energies.

Cosmic blessings to you all.